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The Immigrant Wellness program is designed to provide health information/resources to undocumented immigrants who are often excluded from basic healthcare due to their status. Within this program, we strive to increase accessibility to wellness and enrollment in health services. When thinking about immigrant health, we have shaped this program to take a holistic view of health and its implications; therefore, the content/workshops created touch on the needs of immigrant families. For example, content/workshops we have created: CALEITC (Child tax credit), Medi-Cal for young adults, Medi-Cal expansion to undocumented seniors (Health4all), Mental health services and resources, COVID-19 information/resources, housing policy updates, tenant rights, Children & schools during COVID-19, to name a few.


Mutual Aid is a program designed to provide fresh produce to immigrant communities in Long Beach and Wilmington, CA. In collaboration with Food Forward, we distribute ¾ of a palette of food to three different neighborhoods (2 in Long Beach and 1 in Wilmington). The distribution sites are led by community members, most of these leaders are graduates of the Leadership Academy. Food distribution happens every two weeks and provides the community with the opportunity to build personal relationships with each other during this pandemic. The sites are also considered information hubs as we can distribute COVID-19 education materials, Know Your Rights, and any additional information that may be needed within the immigrant community.


Health4all: MEDI-CAL

Health care is a human right. We want every person in California to have access to medical care no matter their immigration status. Safety net programs are crucial in ensuring that undocumented families have access to primary care and are able to live a health life. We have advocated for the expansion of Medi-cal in California.

Take Action LA

ORALE has partnered with the California Mental Health Services Authority  and Take Action LA to bring wellness workshops to immigrant families. Through this partnership, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of mental health for undocumented individuals who are often excluded from access to mental health resources. ORALE acknowledges the importance of mental health services and the gaps in services for undocumented populations. That is why through Take Action LA we are offering immigrant communities FREE alternative workshops that can improve the mental health of immigrant families. All workshops are conducted in Spanish and free to anyone. 

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