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Órale is building and sustaining a thriving immigrant-led movement to end the criminalization of immigrants and secure bold protections and opportunities that allow immigrant communities to thrive.
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We are a powerful intergenerational movement of immigrants abolishing oppressive systems and creating liberatory practices grounded in healing, love, and justice.

We envision a world where immigrant communities live in dignity, feel safe, and have opportunities to thrive.



We strive to build relationships that foster a sense of belonging, unity and leadership. We are intentional with our commitment to being driven by community and for community. We recognize and uplift the diverse and intersectional identities of the migrant community.


Our work is guided by an intersectional lens and equity. We fight systems of oppression and heal intergenerational trauma by responding to community needs.


In order to create communities that are thriving, safe, healthy and free from oppression, we work towards dismantling and abolishing systems, institutions and borders that dehumanize and profit from immigrants and other impacted communities.

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We recognize the wisdom and capacity of our community to take action and ownership in transforming their own lives and their community. We support those most impacted to lead our organization, our movement, and society.

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We understand the inherent nature of every person being worthy of respect, recognition, and freedom. We create accessible, inclusive, and courageous spaces that acknowledge everyone’s gifts, needs and innate value.

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We seek and create opportunities for collaboration with key stakeholders that share an alignment with our vision and are people powered. We are intentional in building relationships that are reciprocal, intergenerational, and across various sectors.

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We believe in the power of creating a collective vision for an embodied and empowered world free from systems of oppression. We believe that in order to grapple with systems of oppression, we must first have the courage to imagine our own radical empowerment.

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Another world is possible. We believe in our innate wisdom and imagination to mold, build, and weave new healing systems of political order that will be free from harm, punishment, and criminality. 

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