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As an organization, Órale acknowledges the deep rooted colonial systems of oppression, i.e. capitalism. They inherently disregard human life and have broken the sacred connection of our ancestral wealth and wisdom. We invite our donors to practice valuing wealth, in all of its forms, including that of the non-traditional.For example, the knowledge-based wealth of our communities in the fight for liberation, healing, and justice, as a collective, and deeply connective practice.

We envision a world where resources that exist, are passed on, from the few to the many. To those communities from whom wealth was extracted from for generations.

We envision building and cultivating resources (normally what we call donations/donors in nonprofit organizations) as a practice in the reclamation and in the mending of historical extraction and neglect. When we cultivate resources, we place sacred mindful attention to mending the place of harm caused by generations of extraction;  practice mutuality in shared collectivism,  and more importantly–we get to practice and shape how dynamic life affirming  resource can fortify our movement and liberation in this lifetime.

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