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The Órale Community Art project will highlight the traditions, stories, and practices passed on from one immigrant generation to another. This project will explore the collective and essential contributions undocumented communities of color have in our lives while expanding on who they are as individuals. We will facilitate a series of workshops, photo portrait sessions, and interviews with participants. The project will culminate in an exhibition for the participants and community.


Community Workshops

We are organizing four printmaking workshops focusing on Identity, Memory, Culture, and Community. Participants will make artwork inspired by Mexican papel picado, creating banners with symbolic designs. These banners will represent each person's unique identity and when joined together, they'll show how we're all connected as a community.


Oral History Project

Throughout the course of the project we will hold space for participants to share their immigration story with others by conducting interviews with participants. We will also encourage community members to share these stories within their own families and community.


Photo Day 

The community photo day will be an opportunity to highlight individual  members of our Long Beach Undocumented Community.  We will invite participants to our photo studio to have their portrait taken by our photographer as part of our Orale art project. During the event participants will have the opportunity to also share stories about the traditions they hope to pass along as part of their story.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will showcase art made by members of our Long Beach immigrant community, featuring traditions and stories passed down through generations of immigrants. It will include artwork, photos of participants, and video interviews. Visitors can see and hear firsthand the stories shared by our community members.



at the Historical Society of Long beach 

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